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eCommerce and Custom Web Application Development

Innovation and focus have always been the keys to meeting the demands of the ever-changing world of the internet, and this is especially true with website application development. We realize you want to achieve your business goals quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. At MRT Group we use our knowledge of the latest technologies to develop your custom web-based application. From the simple to the complex, from content website application to web-based internet applications, from eCommerce website design and development, to software consulting, application integration, and application maintenance services, we do it all. And our technical support allows you to concentrate on your business.

Database Development

A custom database can be the most important component in your business. MRT Group are experts at creating custom, scalable databases that serve your company’s best interests, needs, and objectives. We leverage the latest technologies and frameworks along with industry best practices to customize the database that is right for your business. We provide custom database design, development, implementation, integration, conversion, and maintenance in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Oracle. From developing simple databases to more complex projects, we offer custom database services and solutions that are tailored to your organization’s vision and objectives. From simple solutions to complex architectures, MRT Group provides the customized database development that is right for you.

Mobile Apps

As the wireless world becomes increasingly dominant in our lives, there are more and more mobile applications available. But only the apps that can compete for a person’s attention will be downloaded and give you a chance to increase your share of the market. The iOS, Android, and Windows smartphone apps we build for you will certainly bring increased attention to your brand.

Our philosophy for creating successful apps is simple: we want to help you differentiate your business from your competitors. We want you to stand out. After fully understanding your core objectives, our creative team will take the preliminary steps to create an app that is beautiful, fully functional, fast, and easy to use.

Enterprise Application

The best businesses are cohesive. They are well organized. They are able to efficiently access and distribute content, data, and resources. But in today’s diverse working environment, resources may be geographically and functionally dispersed. Enterprise information may be located in different offices, in different locations, on different platforms or portals. The solution is a comprehensive enterprise portal, a single access point for all of your resources. MRT Group specializes in enterprise portal development. We can help your company access, utilize, organize, and monetize its most important assets, no matter the portal deployment point. It’s your information. It’s your data and your content. With our enterprise portal solutions, you will be able to access and utilize it as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Accounting Automation

Ready for the future of accounting? Moon Rock Technologies helps companies seamlessly integrate various data sources into any accounting system. Data are automatically transmitted to the accounting application without the need for re-entering data. Our Accounts Payable solutions will help you streamline the entire invoice-to-payment process. Modernized your accounts payable by eliminating data entry errors and time-consuming manual processes. Let us help you grow your business without growing your accounting team.

Responsive Websites

MRT Group offers a wide range of website development services that can help your organization reach its online marketing goals. We are experts at developing responsive websites, and many clients work with us to enhance or update the appearance of a current website. More than that, we can create a responsive site that can be viewed on multichannel platforms. We are experts at improving conversion rates, adding or improving site functionality, creating SEO-friendly sites that use the latest codes and techniques, and optimizing content to improve search engine rankings. Your site is your business. We can help you make it as functional, responsive, and SEO-optimized as possible


Moon Rock Technologies is a full-stack technology service company. We feature a team of exceptional consulting and service solution professionals that are passionate about helping your organization solve its complex business problems and navigate the maze of today’s fast-changing world of technology. Our team draws from a wide background across various industries to leverage best practices and develop solutions that utilize emerging technologies. This approach brings fresh perspectives to projects, often leads to improved performance results, and adds value to our clients’ online strategy.  Let us help guide your business toward what’s next.


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